The company with the full name "OOO Michurinsky Refinery" Was registered in the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service №4 in Tambov region,392000, Tambov. With the registration: 1096807000608 and Tax number: 6807007189.

Despite that spread in recent pessimistic mood among analysts and consulting companies that allow themselves to unconfirmed evidence statements about the threat of imminent closure of refineries small and medium capacity, representatives Michurinsky Refinery have a different position. Michurinsky Refinery in one of their major budget-enterprises of the Krasnodar Territory, has been operating since 2009. Michurinsky Refinery no plans to discontinue its business activities, processing of oil proceeds as planned, properly executed all of its credit and other financial obligations. TIN 6807007189 BIN 1096807000608 .

In recent years, “Michurinsky Refinery" was rich in various events. First of all, under the 4 sides of the agreement for 2010 - 2013 ,Michurinsky Refinery confidently led and continues to lead the design work "deep refining complex." The general designer of the complex - Investment Engineering KNGK Holding Group - currently developed 100% of the design documentation on the first starting complex (section hydrotreater, hydrogen production, gas fractionation, installation of sulfur production facilities and offsite facilities), and received a positive opinion Glavgosekspertizy. In March 2014 it will be used for examination of project documentation for the second launch facility (vacuum unit, a hydrocracking unit and facilities offsite facilities) that in the future will allow time to proceed with the construction of the complex and the purchase of the main technological equipment. Among licensors plant such large world-famous companies such as UOP (USA), Linde (Germany), Jacobs (Netherlands).

The planned volume of investments in the framework of the project is more than 60 billion. Rubles. To confirm the validity of the investment, in October 2014 it signed an agreement of intent in the implementation of the investment project on the territory of the Kuban with the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Krasnodar Territory.

Within the framework of the existing contract with many Russia refineries ," Michurinsky Refinery " continues to finance the construction branch from the main pipeline, involves ensuring the plant with raw materials from the system of main pipelines, inline with the currently refining volume, with the possibility of increasing to 6 million . tonnes / year up to 2018.

The plant is not limited to the achieved capacity for processing crude oil 3 million. Tons per year and is considering options for additional quantities of oil for the purpose of a possible increase in plant capacity to 6 million. Tons a year by entering new (AT-6) and modernization of existing installations of primary oil refining (AT 1 - AT-5). In addition, it should be noted that financial services companies was carried out considerable work on the diversification of financial partners, and their number is replenished several significant for the Russian banking system the players that in the future will allow more flexibility to respond to calls the current economic situation, and then the circle of partners will only grow. In the near future thanks to this cooperation issues are resolved to ensure the necessary credit facilities and other banking products as the Company's operations, which increase almost twice as expected in 2016, and investment plans that are sufficiently ambitious. Currently the company is working with major Russian banks - Alfa Bank, Sberbank and other Foreign Banks.

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